Self-taught developer

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & UX design

Helsinki, Finland

Self-taught developer and a graduate from the Business Information Technology BBA program at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Specialized in Digital Services & Business to improve User Experiences.

The primary languages I learned were HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, and JavaScript. Currently I am learning more back-end technologies such as Java. My vision is to make a difference by creating services and systems that are purposeful to the user

My Projects

File system manager

JAVA console application that can be used to manage and manipulates files. This project has been compiled without IDE.

RPG Game

RPG character system showing the use of SOLID principles, polymorphism, inheritance and composition.

Past Experiences

 The Finnish Stuttering Association (FSA)
(2019 – present)
Currently I’m a board member for The Finnish Stuttering Association (FSA), In which I maintain The Finnish Stuttering Association Instagram page ankytysyhdistys, help out with the main website & a mentor for the Helsinki metropolitan area support group speech club.

Application Specialist & Digital Marketing Intern
For the fall and spring of 2019-2020 I was working as an Application Specialist & Digital Marketing Intern. My main tasks were customer software support, user manual maintenance, testing, system configuration and updating. Other primarily tasks were documentation, marketing planning and implementation using mostly Hubspot CRM system.

(2019 – present)
On my free time, I do voluntary work for Stamily, this contains help out with the blog by supporting the website maintenance & producing content for the site.

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