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Haastattelu Yle Radiossa/Interview with Yle Radio October 2020

Sain mahdollisuuden päästä Yle Oulun aamu radioon puhumaan kansainvälisen änkytyspäivän kunniaksi etäpalavereista ja -tapaamisien yleistymisen vaikutuksesta änkytykseen sekä vinkkejä miten kanssa käydä änkyttävän henkilön kanssa.

I got the opportunity to be on the Finnish Oulu Region Radio morning broadcast in honor of international stuttering awareness day! During this broadcast we talked about remote working and stuttering. How can employers be more accessible to their stuttering employees and tips on how to better communicate with people who have stutter.

Haastattelu on kuunneltavissa Yle Areena Audiosta tai suoraan alla olevasta linkistä/Broadcast is availabe in Yle Areena Audio or the link below (in Finnish):

Stamily Work Meet Up To Raise Awareness April 2020

Stamily’s first official work meet up. In February at Prague we discussed further our association plans such as members of the board and future goals we want to achieve for the organisation. In this international cooperation
participants from Finland, Estonia, UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal and Iceland attended this official meeting.

I learned in this experience how to work together as a organisation with people from different cultural backgrounds and to maintain our goals to put them into action. During this work meet up we produced two videos to raise awareness about stuttering & Stamily. One was about the work trip in general, another what is it like to have a stammer. You can view these videos below.

Blog Post August 2019

In Youth Exchanges supported by Erasmus+, groups of young people from different countries jointly design, prepare and carry out a work program.

A youth exchange with young people from Estonia, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, and Sweden. The project took place from 03/08/2019 to 11/08/2019 in Lemele, Netherlands.

My first published article for Stamily where I wrote about my personal exchange experience with other people who have stammer. The article is availabe in the link below:

Kansainvälinen änkytyspäivä 2019 – Erilaiset puhujat

Suomen änkytysyhdistyksen 50-vuotisjuhlassa jäsenet kertovat, mitä puhevaikeudet ja Säy heille merkitsevät. Pääsin mukaan kyseiselle videolle, kertomaan omasta kokemuksestani. Osioni ilmestyy 4.53min kohdassa.

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